21 July 2009

Using the CSS text-transform property

CSS has a text-transform property — I believe it's hugely underused.

Zendweaves CSS text-transform

Text-transform will be best used where you wish to capitalize headings. All lowercase for footnotes and such. Capitalize is also useful, but the drawback is that it doesn't lowercase non-first letters.

Here's the spec:

    Value:       capitalize | uppercase | lowercase | none | inherit
    Initial:       none
    Applies to:     all elements
    Inherited:      yes
    Percentages:    N/A
    Media:       visual
    Computed value: as specified

This property controls capitalization effects of an element's text. Values have the following meanings:

    Puts the first character of each word in uppercase; other characters are unaffected.
    Puts all characters of each word in uppercase.
    Puts all characters of each word in lowercase.
    No capitalization effects.

Take care



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